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Brake System Basic Checklist

Brake System: Call us Today! 714-612-4801 We repair all brakes and lamps!

Free reinspection when repairs are done in the inspection Station!

  1. Brake Shoes or Pads shoud have no less than 50% life remaining. 
  2. Brake Drums and rotors must be within manufacturers specifications and they will be measured
  3. All braking hardware must be present, installed correctly, and in working order.
  4. No signs of leakage in the hydraulic system, this includes master cylinder, wheel cylinders, calipers, valves, lines & connections.
  5. Check the hoses, no cracks are allowed.
  6. Warning lamps. They must glow when they are supposed to glow and be off when they are supposed to be off.
  7. Emergency brake must be capable of holding the vehicle on a 6% grade.
  8. Vehicle must be able to stop (panic) in less than 20 feet at a speed of 25mph.
  9. Shock or Struts, wheel alignment, broken or worn suspension components.
  10. vehicle must comply with vehicle code requirements 26451,26453,26454.
  11. $65, starting at $65 most vehicles, official brake & lamp inspection, We have the Official DMV Certificates, out the state vehicles, Trailers, Camper trailer, Boat Trailer Brake & lamp inspection

   Call us Today! 714-612-4801 $65, Brake and lamp + Plus Certificates